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Facility Design & Construction

Blue Ice Construction

The joint venture by Blue Frost and Ice Business provides the advantages of understanding South East Asia market while retaining the technical expertise of German engineering and technology.

Blue Frost understands the local expectations and develops practical solutions to ensure the facility is suited for the local consumers. Another important element is that we source for localize equipment whenever possible to reduce cost and increase service and support.

Ice Business has over 25 years of experience with one of the most advanced snow systems in the world. A major part of Ice Business turnover is invested in research and innovation, particularly in the field of “easy to use machines” and energy savings, which has led to several patents being registered.

Facility Design & Construction: Activities

Our Process

Customized Solution

Facility Design & Construction: Activities

Personalized Solutions

We start with personalized quotations and will take you across the entire design, build and management process. We also integrate both the local and foreign expertise together to ensure optimized design at a lower cost. Our presence in South East Asia ensures that we will continue to provide you professional customer service and support even after the project completion.


Full Design Scope

We provide customized designs specific to each project since every facility will face unique problems. We provide a detailed pre-construction and post-construction plan to ensure the facility is fully optimized.


Humidity Solutions

High humidity is a detrimental issue that causes low quality soft and wet ice, condensation that damages structure and molds that creates health hazards. We designed a custom dehumidification and pressurized hybrid air flow system that reduces significant humidity while optimizing energy consumption.

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